Friday, October 24, 2008

Pure Christmas Sweetness!!

How would you like to win this??? I sure know I would ! Head on over to Taylor's Blog for the deets!!! And check all her newest goodies including those soooo adorable CUPCAKES! What else! You may also wanna look at SASI Blog for more cute & yummy ideas!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wanna Shimmer???

Then go check out this candy!!!!!! Hop on over & check out the Shimmerz Paints (this is a link to Stacey's Blog); what a great gift & awesome opportunity!!! Make sure you tell her that Shannon Sent YOU !!
Jennifer is offering a chance to win A Gift Certificate to "All That Scraps" (A Big One; too !!!)
Woo Hoo & Best of Luck to All !

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Blog Candy Alerts & A Blog for you to check out!

Rachel is offering some neat BLOG CANDY!! I am now beginning to see these Joy of Whiff Stamps everywhere! Why not try to win one. Oh & not to metiion that gorgeous Basic Grey Paper & Buttons!!

And on Designs by Boo is has Blog Candy & is playing the Hot/Cold Game; LOL!! Too cute & tooo fun! Go give it a try!!

Also, Sparkle had fun trying a new project & if you give guessing a try you may just win her Blog Candy!!

OK, last but not least....I thought I would link my friend, my mentor, the reason I stamp & the reason I am broke!!! JK!!! Seriously though, she is an amazing stamper & an even better friend!
So go check Diana's Blog; you will not be disappointed!!! Warning she is a true enabler!!!!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008


SO I JUST WANTED TO CONGRATULATE KATIE ON HER 100 POSTS!!! OMGosh, I just started my Blog & I can not even image 100, yet, LOL! So, go check her out & play along!!! You or I could win 100 things!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

WCMD Challenge # 7

Ok, so first off all I just want to Thank Mandy. I have had so much fun today (even though my husband thinks I am nuts!)since I have been taking pictures of all kinds of Random things!
Secondly; I have found so many new blogs to be inspired by; My Google Reader now has like 400 posts that need to be view, but I can say I am SUPER EXCITED!! And last but not least I have found a new place to SHOP!! Who doesn't like that???
So, on to the pic......yes those are my feet ! LOL!! (Hey, I was told what to photograph)
Anyways, so my shoes are not that snazzy.......
and 90 % of the time all I wear is Old Navy Flip Flops; exciting huh?? I have just about every color & I LUV THEM!!!!!!!!!!

WCMD Challenges 5 & 6

Ok, so These Challenges; as well as; the lil contests all the other gals are having have been soooooo much fun!!! I totally lucked out on these next 2 pics. I seriously had just got back from the store getting our tortoise, Shelli some Greens & my hubby some of his FAVORITE Chocolate!! I hopped on the computer to see if Challenge #5 was posted & low and behold she wanted to see my candy!!! LOL!! Then 2nd Pic is my Baby, Keith; who honestly fell asleep maybe 10 minutes before Mandy posted Challenge #6. Thank goodness she did not post #6 hours ago cause the only person sleepin around here was my Hubby & although I think he is CUTE! He is now where cute as the BABY!! Luck is on my side today, I actually have time to play & all my ducks have been in a row..........Maybe it's a sign that Blog Candy Is in my future !! YEAH!!!!

WCMD Challenge #3

Challenge #3 over at Limelight Papercrafts is to show what you are working on now. So these are my 1/2 way done projects & as soon as I am done with this post, I WILL be completing them!! Being an Angel is hard work, JK! I promise, Tangii; these will be in Monday's Mail. And to anyone who even reads these posts???? I promise to Post Lauren's 3 sets tomorrow (she was done like the 2nd day we started, ugh!) they turned out soooooo super cute!

WCMD Challenges......

So, I was blog surfing this afternoon since I cleaned all morning & Mandy over at Limelight Papercrafts is doing such fun challenges I decided to play along! Here are my pics so far.
The first picture is what I had for Breakfast. It is a leftover cookie from the Snickerdoodles I made last night, lol!! And the second pic is my mouse pad, nothing special it is what came with the computer & it works!!! Now everyone hop on over there & join the fun, tooo !!

Embellishment Challenge

And now on to the card I created with Billboardabella for our new monthly challenges!! I seriously struggled with this. I think I have used buttons like...... twice EVER!! But again, I was pretty happy with the end results & I have to admit I had fun making her plus, I got to use my new MM Ribbon Punch ( I luv this thing!)

March Pages Done!!

Ok; I am so sorry I have been MIA. My household has been nuts lately! Anyways, I was super shocked I was able to play! I finished coloring my Images for my March Calendar Pages & came up with what I think is a cute layout. I just love HER !

I used so many different Prisma markers & Paper (All SU! except the DP). Plus, that super cute Shamrock Ribbon & Green Stickles & The Paisley CB Folder & My Gold Ziggy Pen for Goodluckabella's Bucket!! And, and, and, JK!!!